TRACK 1 – 1st Monolingual Word Sense Alignment Shared Task

Publication of Results

Participants will submit a system paper that should include a description of the system, the way the data has been processed, the applied algorithms, the obtained results, as well as the conclusions and ideas for future improvements. The papers will be peer reviewed prior to publication to confirm that all aspects are well covered.

The workshop will accept also regular papers from participants who are not participating in the shared task but still have worked in the topic of translation inference and want to publish novel results or ideas, maybe with different datasets and experimental basis as the ones proposed in this shared task. Such papers will be peer reviewed on the basis of their scientific quality.

All the accepted papers will be published as part of the Globalex workshop proceedings and presented during the workshop.

Important Dates

17/12/2019 – Technical description of the evaluation process and data provided by organisers

01/02/2020 – Release of extended Training Data

13/03/2020 – Submission of results by participants / submission of regular papers

03/04/2020 – Evaluation results communicated by organisers / notification of regular papers

14/04/2020 – Submission of system description papers

12/05/2020 – Workshop day